Why spam comments hurt your business

Spam comments are a real problem for YouTube creators. You may have seen spam in the past, but have you ever stopped to think about how it affects your business? If not, let’s look into why spam comments hurt your business and how to avoid them!

First things first: What are spam comments on YouTube?

Spam comments are the bane of many YouTubers’ existence. The easiest way to understand spam comments is to think of them as spam email - they’re automated messages generated by a computer-driven program, rather than by a real person. Spammers use these programs to flood YouTube with fake messages that try to trick viewers into clicking links (and usually signing up for something), or even phishing for personal information.

Spammy comments can be both annoying and dangerous: if your video’s algorithm is high enough, it’ll show up on people’s feeds and could even end up in the recommended videos list before you’ve had a chance to remove them yourself! This will hurt your channel because it makes your content look less professional and legitimate, which may make people less likely to watch your future videos.

Spam comments can affect your…

  • bounce rate. A high bounce rate is a bad sign to Google, who will then penalize you for it.

  • conversion rate. If people see spam, they’re unlikely to buy anything from the page or convert into leads.

  • rankings on search engines, especially since Google wants all of its results to be relevant and useful for visitors.

  • your audience. In fact, they’ve been shown to hurt your community and reputation by causing people to stop interacting with you.

Spam deletion is costing your time

Spam comments are a huge time-suck. You’re spending time manually deleting them, you’ve got to make sure that the ones you delete were actually spam, and then there’s the whole process of recovering from that.

Scam is hurting your audience

Spam comments hurt your business in a couple of ways. First and foremost, they damage your brand. If someone is scammed by a false advert or fraudulent offer, they’re going to associate that experience with you and your product/service.

It’s important that you keep an eye out for comments like this in case someone mentions being scammed by one of your ads or promotions (which can happen even if there was no intention of scamming).

Why should you use bustinger.com to delete your spam?

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