Scam comments cause Neil McCoy-Ward to take break from YouTube

Neil McCoy-Ward announced he’s taking a break from YouTube this week after struggling with spam and negative comments.

He experienced explosive growth on his YouTube channel in May 2020 as he created finance and economic videos during the Pandemic. He now has 338,000 subscribers.

Even though he’s successful on the platform, he explains why he is taking a break from it in his latest video.

The big [reason] last week, was that, yet again, two more people have been scammed on the channel by these people that set up accounts

Neil McCoy-Ward Source

He continued:

Most people think they're talking to me, but they're actually not.

Neil McCoy-Ward Source

Scammers reportedly stole $70,000.00 from one viewer and the life savings of another. According to Neil, the scam victims even threatened to sue him.

In the last couple of weeks two people have been scammed again. One for $70,000.00, another for their life savings. They tried to sue me. Sometimes you get a hundred nasty comments in a day

Neil McCoy-Ward Source

Comments were overwhelmingly positive. Bill Melvin commented underneath the announcement video:

Neil, thanks for everything you do. I am sorry to hear you are getting discouraged, but it is understandable. Personally, I wouldn't have been able to have continued for as long as you have. Hopefully, after a little rest, your supporters will be able to see you on air again soon. It is tragic that a couple of your viewers have been scammed. I'm pleased you are making us all aware of this risk. Enjoy your rest and take care of yourself. Physical and mental health are both crucial, especially with the issue coming before us. Cheers.

Bill Melvin Source

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